Because You're Done Just Surviving in Life

Do you keep repeating the same poor decisions over and over again but don’t know why?

Jumpstart Your Life is a proven ecourse that will Identify root issues that hold you back so you can find emotional wholeness.

Strengthen your emotional intelligence and learn how to manage your relationships in a healthy way.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • You feel emotionally trapped, frustrated with yourself and behind in life. It’s like you've plateaued and know there’s more to life but you don't know how to access it.

  • You're stressed when it comes building a healthy community and feeling connected to people. 

  • You feel alone in a crowded room. You have a lot of “friends” but none who fully knows you. You're ashamed or afraid to open up because you’ve been hurt in the past. 

  • You're the person who’s out of school and trying to figure out life. You go to work waiting for Friday to come so you can check out for the weekend. 

Don't you want to feel fully alive, relationally connected, confident in your identity, and feel loved by those in your life?

It's Time to Feel Present & Confident


Stop fighting symptoms! Together, we’ll identify the root of what is causing life issues and create lasting transformation.

We’re going to help re-establish vision for your life. You’ll find permission to walk into your confidence, self-value, passions, and potential.


You will become self-aware, learn self-love, identify the real cause of an issue and be guided through emotional restoration.


All personal transformation requires activation. You will get tools and homework to solidify new mindsets and emotional patterns.

Join the hundreds of people that have used this 9 week course to change their life

You'll be shocked what a difference you can see by committing 100 % to the sessions we cover.

What do you get with the jumpstart your life course?

Exactly what you need to create real, lasting change.


You'll be guided through the necessary exercises which will highlight the areas you need to focus on and give you practical tools you can apply to each exercise we do.

You get lifetime access to all videos, PDFs, homework, and group conversations which you can download for your convenience.

You're not alone in this journey. Each topic has an ongoing conversation with people in the course. You can ask questions and see what others have done to get breakthrough.

Choose what works for you. You have the ability to break the cost into three monthly payments or pay for it all at once for a discounted price.

"I had no clue about emotional health before Josh. I had struggled with an eating disorder for 14 years, and he was the first person to help me see that there were root causes in my heart that had nothing to do with eating or my weight." - Caitlin


Discover who you were meant to be before life introduced pain, disappointment, and others expectations.
Discover how to manage all your relationships from someone you just met to your most intimate ones.

We’ll first Identify and then dismantle core reasons we feel fear and anxiety. You’ll be able to respond in a powerful way!
Learn the value of being connected to your heart, what it means, and how to do it on a daily basis.

Understand the value of empathy and compassion, and learn how to practically apply it in your life.
Become an emotional awareness guru. You’ll be able to understand what makes you tick as well as others in your life.
Learn how to successfully navigate life while your emotions are more at the surface while you process them.
Understand the destructive nature of shame and how to reverse it, and how to navigate emotional triggers.
You’ll be equipped with a blueprint you can use to build momentum any time you feel stuck or unsatisfied.


Hi, My Name's Josh...

The last five years I have been a Life Consultant and have lead people through personal transformation. I use a combination of consulting techniques to identify and then dismantle, the crippling cycles where the majority of us find ourselves stuck. I have a passion for connecting people to their heart and helping them create practical strategies to change their lives.

Not too long ago I didn’t understand why I kept repeating the same unhealthy decisions over and over no matter how hard I tried to self-talk my way out of them. I didn’t know how to communicate my needs or emotions to my wife and others in my life. I was emotionally numb due to experiences from my past which led to feeling alone and burnt out.

I use a combination of teaching principles that will guide you through the necessary exercises which will highlight the areas you need to focus on and give you practical tools you can apply to each exercise we do.

Hear from People Who Have 

Experienced Change

Just to give you some insight, I was abused for most of my childhood and I carried so much pain, anger, shame, and hatred in my day to day life. Before I started I was merely surviving, and I had no idea how to really live! I had my nose to the grindstone, I was disconnected from my heart, and I didn't know how to dream. 

I was spending so much time trying to forget the pain of my past that I couldn't experience joy or happiness. I felt like an emotional wreck that might blow up at any unforeseen moment. I have learned how to connect with my heart and really feel emotions. 

Josh has taught me to grieve and walk through the intense pain of my past. I know that I am not perfect and I still have issues that I am working on but I can say that I have hope for my future. I am stepping out into adventures, pursuing dreams, and learning to love myself.

- Ariel

I began my journey towards emotional health and healing over the summer of 2015 with Josh Cearbaugh.


He gave me the tools to fully engage with a full spectrum of emotion and do it in a healthy and safe way. His encouragement and his beautiful ability to be the perfect asshole pushed me to embrace love, to face process head on and to put down introspection when it became too much. 

I fully met myself for the first time in a long time. Although I fought it, he fought harder. I felt and feel believed in.

I am grateful for Josh and his gifting. I feel stronger and better for taking the plunge into this journey with him. I am grateful for the man and husband I am and it is in no small part because of him.

- Cein

if you don’t take action to help yourself now, how hard do you think it will be to make a tangible change in the future?

There's a reason they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks...


How long does it take to complete the course?

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What is the structure of the course?

How long do I have access to the course?

What if I still have questions?

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at Jumpstart Your Life we believe the course will transform your personal & professional life in a way you never thought possible. We're so sure of this that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course content, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire cost of the course refunded.

Let's Get Real....

Pursuing emotional wholeness is hard work, and is definitely no joke.

And at the end of the day, the time and effort you invest is all up to YOU.

This course is simply here to guide you through some challenges and help you connect to the most exciting time of your life.

So, why waste another minute reading this page?

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